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Battery Heavy Impact Testing Machine GT-I10
Battery Heavy Impact Testing Machine GT-I10
GESTER Battery Testing Machine is specialized in sales and manufacturing for Battery Short Circuit Tester, Explosion Proof Battery Box, Battery Burning Tester, Battery Crush Tester, lithium ion battery nail penetration test, Battery drop tester etc.Get more news about Battery Heavy Impact Tester,you can vist our website!
This Battery Testing Machine is suitable for destructive tests in which batteries and batteries (or battery packs) of different masses are hit by free-falling objects from different heights on the batteries, batteries (or battery packs), causing internal short circuits, and pass the observation period test The results are used to evaluate cells, batteries (or battery packs).
A rod with a diameter of 15.8 mm is placed crisscross on the center of the sample. A 9.1kg weight dropped onto the sample from a height of 610mm. Each sample battery only needs to withstand one impact, and different samples are used for each test. Test the safety performance of the battery through different weights and different force areas from different heights, and carry out the test according to the regulations. The battery should not fire or explode.

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