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App Store Optimization ASO – Best Practices and Top Tools
App Search Optimization (ASO) is one of the most important things to utilize for promoting an app, especially when it comes to submitting one to the App Store. Without it, developers would be finding themselves with unfair competition and might not be able to reach potential users.To get more news about Specialty Android Keyword Ranking [pr], you can visit official website.

Below you’ll discover some of the best practices and guidelines to use for ASO. You’ll also find a handful of sites and tools you can use to monitor your SEO rankings.One of the best ways to ensure you properly implement App Store SEO is to be creative with your app’s name. A unique title will not only catch the attention of the store quickly, but will help to direct traffic to your app. This also prevents your app from competing with other ones that may sound similar.

The top apps of all time have unique, short, and distinct names: Tik Tok, Clash of Clans, Vine, Candy Crush, and more – all of which make them easy to remember. Naming your app something generic like “file storage” or “task planner” does not set it apart from the thousands of other apps just like it. And it definitely doesn’t get people interested.A good description is key when it comes to perfect App Store SEO. Your description should include a handful of keywords, but be written in a way that captivates a potential user. Keep in mind that there is a 100 character limit in the App Store, so you’ll want to choose your words wisely.

If your app is a financial tracker, using keywords relevant to the niche like “personal finances,” “money,” and “budgeting” will help your app be found by those searching for these queries.

Many apps also add a relevant descriptive tagline to their title as well to further improve searchability. One great example of this is “ESPN: Live Sports & Scores.” When users search “live sports”, a descriptive tagline such as the one ESPN has will increase exposure.Many people often make the mistake of trying to cram in as many keywords as they can. For the best App Store SEO practices, you want to narrow your keyword usage down to only the top few options.

One way you can tell whether or not a keyword is good to use is to do careful research. While one keyword might have high traffic, this usually means it’s overused. Because of this, your app won’t get the recognition it deserves. You should choose a keyword that has somewhat high traffic but also low competition.

Long-tail keywords are usually best for this. For example, “strategy game” is an extremely popular keyword. But the competition is so heavy, it’s nearly impossible to rank for when you’re competing with app development giants.

Instead, turning this into a long-tail keyword like “medieval tower defense strategy game” will give you great exposure without heavy competition.You might also consider testing certain keywords. By including one or two, you can monitor how well it performs.If you’re unhappy with it, change the keyword(s). Many App Store SEO tools can help you with finding the right ones for your niche.

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