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The Way To Select The Very Best Cigar Humidors? Reason #149
6 Cigar Humidification Approaches

Now that you have a good understanding of exactly what a hygrometer does and everything can happen if your humidity is too high or too low, let's discuss how to really control the humidity in your humidor. Regrettably, you can not just use a moist paper towel in a ziplock bag...

1. The Hockey Puck Humidification Method
The unofficial hockey puck system was my very first way to control the humidity in my humidor and boy, was it trying. This is actually the"puck" which is included with humidors most of the time and requires you to soak it into propylene glycol. I discovered it to be a bit of a guessing game since you need to make sure your"puck" does not run out of juice. It had been mostly stressful since I utilized the crummy free version in my humidor so results may vary. I just had to re-soak every 30-45 days and found it to be more consistent. Soaking a humidor puck is quite simple. It takes approximately 30 seconds and you simply purchase the propylene glycol separately. This solution is odorless and just replaces water as a more pure form of moisture. Using tap water may cause issues because of chlorine or other chemicals, and bottled water won't stay moist provided that propylene glycol.

2. The Tubes or Mini Jars Cigar Humidification Method
Xikar and Drymistat make very easy to use products that you may merely open and pop it in a humidor such as this
bey-berk humidor. These include a much more controlled method of managing humidity than the puck method. The only bad thing is you need to replace these completely the majority of the time each 3-6 months completely. I don't recommend trying to"re-soak" them with the propylene glycol. The attractiveness of these, particularly the tubes is they don't occupy much room in your humidor. However, depending on the size, the jar format will work better:

3. The Boveda Packs Cigar Humidification Method
Similar to the jar or tubes from Xikar and Drymistat, you can go with a very controlled system of Boveda humidity packs. These are my favorite cigar humidification method and ones that I use for the tupperdor today. However, they can err a bit on the large side in terms of humidity should you use them in a tupperdor. I would aim to go several percentages lower than your preferred humidity as a result when you've got a tupperdor. Otherwise they do a great job of consuming humidity whether it is too high and increasing if it is too low. Once your package is stiff, you then just throw it away. That being said, many claim to be able to recharge these quite easily by simply soaking them for a couple of days after they get stiff. Although this may be a great way to save money, the recharged packs certainly will not be as accurate as an original. To discover more about the way to recharge, take a look at this YouTube tutorial. For me personally, I don't recharge since if I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on cigars, I don't wish to cut any corners to save a couple bucks on Boveda packs.

4. The Heartfelt Beads Humidification Method
Heartfelt beads are a frequent humidity method that many recommend across java forums. This provider revolves around these beads and they've a lot of diehard followers for their product. These are probably one of the costlier choices but last forever. They do need spraying of distilled water following week or two though so you have to abide by a program. This method is somewhat more geared towards the more advanced cigar collectors. Normally, cigar collectors will have a pouch of these a layer at the base of the wineador.

5. The Electric Cigar Humidification Method
There's nothing greater than the place it and forget of a electric humidifier, especially if you've got a big or valuable set. These are a bit expensive compared to the other choices such as humidors but there is the benefit of very little maintenance. The components work great if plugged -- so you will be required to conduct a level cable into the exterior of your humidor. However some of these units have some really cool features like wi-fi capabilities and can humidify around 1,000 cigars! (That could be a lot of Boveda packs...) You do need to replace the cartridge every 6 -- 12 weeks but it's comparatively inexpensive.

6. The Kitty Litter Cigar Humidification Method
To get a larger wineador setup, many advocate kitty litter as a viable choice to control humidity. This is a really similar technique to this Heartfelt beads strategy outlined previously. The crucial thing is to obtain a kitty litter with no odor and spray distilled water every two to three weeks as needed. I've seen very positive testimonials from Exquisicat Crystals with very low dust nor scent.
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