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What Does the Near Future of Architectural Software Look Like?
What Does the Near Future of Architectural Software Look Like?

Most of us can already picture the future of architecture — vertical smart cities, complex robots that can replace humans on the most intricate of tasks, and sustainable building. However, we still have a long way to get to this point and we need all the tools we can get. Thankfully, aside from the AEC itself, the tools themselves seem to be evolving fast, too. While they had to use the pen-and-paper method just 70 years ago, architects today depend on computer software to help them consistently create precise and reliable designs. More importantly, it helps them do so without too much effort and with more efficiency than ever before. In this article, we’ll explore the predictions for the near future of architecture industry software, but first, let’s briefly touch upon its present.To get more news about cad architecture software, you can visit shine news official website.

Be that as it may, Autodesk’s AutoCAD is by far the most widely used architectural software. It came out back in the 1980s and its popularity hasn’t dwindled since, despite the emergence of numerous other software. Nowadays, it’s available in 14 different languages and has a multitude of expansions, including AutoCAD specifically intended for architects, electrical/civil engineers, and other industry experts.
Speaking of AutoCAD for architects, this expansion was revolutionary for Autodesk, as it had the added option of 3D drawing. Unlike 2D drawing, 3D modeling allows for better and more lifelike visualization of buildings and structures. In addition, 3D modeling paved the way for 3D printing, which will most likely transform the construction sector completely.

Interested to learn more about the differences between standard AutoCAD vs. AutoCAD Architecture? We suggest checking out this in-depth breakdown.

However, recently, design in the AEC industries has reached new heights with the emergence of building information modeling (BIM). Unlike its predecessors, 2D and 3D drawing, BIM follows the full life cycle of a construction project. The layered 3D model acts as an up-to-date database that everyone involved can consult when making decisions about the project.

Given its numerous advantages, we can expect BIM and software like Revit to become the new norm in the industry and get adopted by architects all over the world soon. Now let’s see what else the future has in store for architectural software.As you may know, AI has already taken the world by storm. Architecture is no exception. Many programs use AI to help architects design quicker. It can even automate some routine tasks, such as calculations.

In addition, AI can create designs and check existing ones for discrepancies and clashes. And the best part is — AI learns, much like a human brain. That way, it can get more “intelligent” with time.

Therefore, we can certainly expect architectural software to become more sophisticated in the future as well. Essentially, that means more accuracy and less need for any human intervention.Pollution, waste, and climate change pose real threats to our precious environment. There are more than 4.2 million deaths as a result of air pollution alone each year. Furthermore, the AEC industry is one of the biggest polluters of today. According to some estimates, as much as 30% of all building materials used for a construction project ends up as waste.

We need to alter our habits, and that’s a major understatement. To achieve profound changes, we need to ensure waste reduction from the get-go, in the early stages of construction projects, i.e. planning and design.

Future architects will need to turn their attention to designing energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings, utilize sustainable materials, and reduce waste to the minimum. However, thanks to the rapidly advancing architecture industry software and the help of AI and Big Data, that shouldn’t pose a problem.As VR becomes increasingly popular and more accessible, architectural software developers will most likely work toward implementing it soon. And if 3D modeling revolutionized how we visualize projects, imagine what virtual reality could do for architecture.

For one,VR would allow architects and engineers to build immersive and realistic 1:1 designs and accurately predict the outcome of any project, which will also help with the showcasing of their proposals. That way, investors and others involved in construction projects can get a clearer picture of the architect’s vision.

And not just that — VR could enable us to create entire virtual interactive cities. When the technology gets advanced enough, we might even be able to perceive the building with all of our senses.
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