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Why more men are wearing jewelry?
Are brooches and bracelets for men going to become mainstream, is men's fashion getting more and more adventurous today?To get more news about print on demand jewelry suppliers, you can visit official website.
There have been times in history when men were wearing more jewelry made of luxirious gold and gemstones than women. Just have a look at the famous portraits of past centuries, like of that of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein, where the monarch was adorned with gold, pearls, and other jewels. When you look at the depictions of some emperors, you may wonder how they could move under the weight of their outfits and adornments. Well, that all is not typical for the men's look in the 21st century. Or should we look once more at the issue? In recent years the traditional lines between men's and women's fashion are blurring. Since years jewelry has traditionally been a female prerogative, but we now see men experimenting more often with the style than ever before.
This development was going very smoothly, as elements of the style were always deeply connected with male stereotypes.
In the 1970s it was common for men to wear a watch, a formal wedding ring, maybe a signet ring but nothing more. After the era of the hippies young people started to wear one ear stud, and it had to be in the right ear because depending on the side it could point if the one was straight or "gay".

Only a few decades have passed, and the latest men's fashion icons have become increasingly unexpected in the approach. Today more and more stars, celebrities are wearing outstanding bracelets, necklaces, and rings, huge pieces of jewelry. Men are getting calm about external proves of their sexuality and don't doubt experimentation. After celebrities, the trend is coming to the streets all around the world. And the men's style is developing rapidly... heavy gold chains and bracelets, medallions, rings, earrings, cell phone cases made of precious metals and stones have already become the main symbols of the style. This subcultural approach to style is also based on the informality and improvisation of the street.
Even this subculture seems to be changing. Hip-hop artists are experimenting with traditionally feminine jewelry, including elegant pearls, layered diamond chains, rings and earrings.

Men's jewelry are more relevant today than ever. The jewelry fashion market for men is growing. The world, society, tendencies are changing. All those changes are interconnected. There has been a big shift during the last years towards personal, personality, the individuality of a human being, and the right to be of any single individuality. Prejudice and stable norms haven't disappeared. But their role in society has become not that deciding. At least what considers fashion, style and personal expression. Designers create jewelry for those who wear jewelry to express themselves, not as a symbol of wealth, but to bring jewelry design to wilder shores of innovation, making the style distinctive and unforgettable.
In particular, the main trend of the next years will be brooches, hairpins, and jewelry clips that are attached to collars. After a long period of not using jewelry to express their individuality, men are becoming now instead more experimental. In the past centuries, men were decorated just as women because of that symbolized fashion, status and innovation. Now jewelry is a clever form of self-expression, a message to the world. Well-chosen jewelry emphasizes the clothing, fabric, and draw attention to the image.

Is it possible, that jewelry becomes men's prerogative as in ancient times, and girls will lose interest to it? Fortunately not, because there are so many gorgeous jewelry styles for both genders. Everyone can go for minimalist style silver and yellow gold necklaces and rings, perfect for everyday wear. However, one can also experiment with designs, forms, styles, adding to the personal look sapphires or emeralds in futuristic styles.

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