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China Pneumatic Feeder Machine manufacturers
Air Feeder Machine With Solenoid Valve
Company Information
Shenzhen Fanty Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of coil feed line. Our main product is coil steel straightener, servo feeder, decoiler, compact press feeding line, fast servo feeder system, high speed press and related automatic periphery equipment.
Introduction of Air Feeder Machine With Solenoid Valve
Air feeder machine is the first feeding device used in the stamping industry. The principle is to do the power of the gas source, through the cylinder to clamp the material, by the cylinder expansion stroke to feed.
It is mainly used to feed coil sheet material for press machine to achieve automatic feeding in safety, convenient and accurate. It always equip with uncoiler and flattener.
Specifications of Air Feeder Machine With Solenoid Valve
Models: AF-1C ~ AF-11C
Thickness: 0.1-3.0mm
Width: 0-450mm
Fed length: 0-450mm
Air pressure: 4.5kg/ cm²
Style: Standard type
E-type add E solenoid valve for feeding function
R-type add R solenoid valve for releasing function
Add E and R-type solenoid valves for feeding and releasing
Features and Advantages of Air Feeder Machine With Solenoid Valve
1. Air feeder body is subjected to anti-rust treatment after processing, and ultrasonic cleaning is performed before assembly to ensure that the machine does not malfunction due to processing residues.
2. The new type of floating rod adopts a two-position three-way valve structure, which completely solves the problem that the floating rod position is easy to leak.
3. Two sets of air pressure buffers are used to automatically absorb the inertial impact during pneumatic feeder working, effectively reducing vibration and noise.
4. Replaceable reversing valve adopts large rounded structure and the inner hole is mirror polished, which greatly improves the feeding speed of the feeder and the service life of the sealing ring.
5. All seals are Japan famous brand.
6. The overall structure is compact, high precision, fast speed, durable and practical.
Structure of Air Feeder Machine With Solenoid Valve
Package and Delivery
Package: Small air feeder machine always well packed with carton box. Air feeder with frame will pack with wooden case.
Delivery: Air or ocean
Q: What machine do you have?
Coil feeding equipment
Decoiling straightening 2 in 1 feed line
Coil steel straightener, servo feeder, decoiler 3 in 1 feed line
Compact press feeding line, fast servo feeder system
High speed press and precision press
Q: How about your delivery time?
Generally, it will take 7 to 60 working days after receiving your advance payment.
Uncoiler machine 7-15 days.
Straightener machine 15 days.
Stainless steel coil feeder machine 3-15 days
2 IN 1 Feedlines 20 days.
3 IN 1 Servo straightener feeder with uncoiler 60-90 days.
High speed press machine and precision press machine 7-30 days.
Q: Do you accept customized order?
Yes, we can produce special machine according to customer request.
Q: Can I get a sample?
Sorry, we do not offer any machine sample.
But if you want to know our machine better, you can visit us to test the machine in our workshop. Or we can provide existing machine running video if request.
China Pneumatic Feeder Machine manufacturers

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